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Influencer marketing is experiencing explosive growth.  It is also an ever-changing industry.  The people, the social platforms, the measurement all continue to evolve. That’s why it is important to continue the dialog on effective practices and latest trends.  WOMMA’s Talk Influence Marketing event in New York on October 26th gave participants the opportunity to hear insights and lively discussions on timely influencer topics.

Here are three key takeaways from the event:

  1. Brands should think about finding great content through consumer ‘expert’ user testimonials as they are authentic and compelling voices.
  2. To break through with customers, brands need to become a part of the entertainment story and not focus on being the spotlight of the content.
  3. To stay relevant, brands need to continuously adapt and respond to shifting consumer values which are increasingly social cause related.

Here’s a quick break-down of the three presentations:

  • User Inspired Content is the Future of Influencer Marketing led by Kevin Knight, CMO at Experticity,
  • Brand Activism & DACA, What It Means to Take a Stand lead by Chiqui Cartagena, SVP, Political, Advocacy & Government Group, Univision Communications Inc., and Laura Wides-Muños, VP, Special Projects & Editorial at Fusion.
  • How San Pellegrino Leverage Influencers for Consumer Engagement. Lead by Antonio Sciuto, CMO at Nestlé Waters.

Brands Should Think About Finding Great Content Through Consumer Testimonials

According to Kevin Knight, 83% of consumers see online ads as a disruptive experience and the problem lies not with the distribution of the content but with the content itself.


“Brands need to focus much less on orchestrating the telling of their story from people with a lot of followers and figure out why people are so resistant to the story they are telling in the first place” – Kevin Knight.


Consumers have shown to be more responsive to ads that show authentic stories. These stories are not always found within influencers with millions of followers. Sometimes these stories are found within everyday normal people that love the brand. These people that naturally love and use the brand are the best brand ambassadors. Brands should be telling the stories of these people.

Another formula for finding the best long-term influencers for your brand are finding people that consumers trust, giving them experiences with your brand/product, telling their story and then nurturing that relationship. When brands pay celebrities money to promote a product this can show short term results but in the long run the celebrity could leave your brand for another brand that’s paying them more money and this can negatively affect your brand and your image.

To Break Through with Customers, Brands Need to Become a Part of the Entertainment Story

Going further with this notion of reaching consumers through story-telling, brands that become a part of the entertainment story or that provide an experience for the consumers – are the brands that are showing to be most effective, especially with the younger generations.


“To be successful in story telling you need to really be authentic – you need to create real experience. Especially for younger targets like millennials” – Antonio Sciuto.


San Pellegrino utilizes this technique by putting San Pellegrino bottles into the hands of popular chefs among millennials. The chefs serve the food accompanied with a San Pellegrino bottle. Being a part of the entertainment story creates a special connection and relationship between the consumer and the brand.


To Stay Relevant, Brands Need to Continuously Adapt and Respond to Shifting Consumer Values.

San Pellegrino leverages the shift in consumer values regarding dining experiences by becoming a part of the entertainment. However, this is not the only shift in consumer values. Consumers are now, more than ever, demanding corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts and transparency from brands.

Chiqui Cartagena and Laura ides-Muños (above) discussed the importance of CSR and of brands joining in a movement that aligns with their purpose. As a result, in the shift in consumer values regarding activism in society - purpose is something that brands can now compete in.


“It's all about purpose; CocaCola finds that purpose outperforms flavors when testing new sales pushes… Studies showed that there is an 8% on average brand purchase increase when you advertise your purpose and your brand corporate responsibility efforts” - Chiqui Cartagena.


Brand should be thinking about advertising their CSR efforts and making sure that these CSR efforts align with their brand story and purpose.



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