WOMM-U 2013: A Clear Look at Innovative B2B Social Strategies

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The biggest barrier to adoption of social media is a lack of clarity. It not so much fact as opinion, but nonetheless, it is a statement that many in our industry agree upon. We are going to minimize the ambiguity that comes with social platforms at WOMM-U as Social@Ogilvy’s Account Director Mauricio Godoy is going to show students how to best utilize four of the major social networks and start proving your ROI to the boss.

Jacob Hurwith: What positions or titles does will this session specifically speak to? Who is the target audience?


Mauricio Godoy: I designed my session with two groups in mind:

First, if you are a strategist consulting your client on how to better understand and apply today's social media tools in B2B marketing, then this session is perfect for you. And second, if you are a business leader  growing more comfortable with social media and wish to walk away with innovative B2B social program ideas you can begin applying immediately, then you will find this session helpful as well.

<p> Jacob Hurwith: What are some of the major differences in an effective B2B social media strategy vs. a B2C social media strategy?

Mauricio Godoy: B2B and B2C are very similar in the sense that you have to keep the best interests of your audience in mind. In B2B, however, the key motivator is "self-improvement," meaning we are using social to learn how to improve our business performance. The great part about B2B social is that we can help others and in turn, become better professionals ourselves. 

Take LinkedIn for example, where your clients can raise their company's profile by connecting with users looking solve a specific challenge. These very same clients, however, can in turn grow their own expertise and knowledge, by connecting with experts and content featuring valuable business guidance and expertise. As marketers, we use social in B2B to raise the visibility of our clients ahead of the competition, but the best part is that we ourselves continue to grow and become even more capable in our careers.

Jacob Hurwith: Do companies have to be on every social network to drive authentic online word of mouth marketing?

Mauricio Godoy: This is an excellent question. There is a term on the web, which is FOMO "Fear of Missing Out," which means that people want to stay constantly connected and never miss a thing. This leads some business leaders to believe they have to be on every social network. I feel this isn't the case. In fact, I believe in B2B, it's better to go deeper on fewer channels.

Jacob Hurwith: What do you say to the large brands who claim they can’t monitor all the conversation occurring about them across all the networks?

Mauricio Godoy: Do not be discouraged. The social web is constantly evolving and new platforms will continue to appear. Start with the major networks that feature the most conversations about your brand and your industry. You can always expand your listening from there. 

Jacob Hurwith: If this your first time speaking at WOMM-U? Are you nervous? If so, what will you do to get the butterflies out?

Mauricio Godoy: This is my first time speaking at WOMM-U, and I have to say, I am really excited by this opportunity! I have attended WOMM-U before and can't help but think of the top-notch speakers that have graced its stage in Chicago. I won't be able to get the butterflies out, but I'll do my best to have them fly in formation.

Make sure you catch Mauricio at WOMM-U May 20-22 in Chicago. Seats are open!

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