The Unmetric Brand Report: WOMMA Member Campaigns We Love (October 2017)

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Getting through to the target audience is a great priority for brands on social media. Paid efforts go a long way in ensuring that branded content reaches a specific number of people. However, brands can’t bank on paid efforts alone. This is where shares and retweets matter. Moreover, content that is shared by someone you know has more credibility than when it comes from the brand.

There’s no slow month on social media. Brands are under constant pressure to produce content at the speed of culture to engage their audience.

Here’s a quick update on how various WOMMA member brands rose to the challenge on Facebook in August 2017.

Nissan posted the most:

In addition to their staple content around launches, sporting events they sponsor (such as the Champions League), they shared user-generated content. Quite like their Instagram strategy, they posted pictures taken by fans of their prized Nissan cars. This was the main reason why they posted 77 times in a month.


Philips got the most likes, while West Virginia University led the shares tally:

Philips’ content aims at providing a value addition to their audience. This includes recipes, important information for new parents etc. This could be a reason why they get so many likes.

Here are some of the top posts from the group:
Most interactions overall - Nissan

Nissan won the most interactions and the most views on this video which was part of the Heisman House campaign. The campaign is part of the auto brand’s sponsorship deal with the Heisman Memorial Trophy Award and the Heisman Trust.

Nissan picked up the thread from the same campaign last year. The scene is set in the imaginary scenario where winners of the Heisman Trophy (from different teams) were to live under the same roof.

Most shares - West Virginia University

This video outlined some of the best things about West Virginia University. It touched upon some of the key experiences one would have at the university. As a result, most of the engagement came from students and alumni who got “the feels”.
Most likes - IBM

IBM is among the most engaging B2B brands on social media. They can join in on conversations around various topics. And the best part is, they can show how technology can impact many facets of our lives. Here, they promise an enhanced experience at the Mercedes-Benz stadium at Atlanta.

Most comments - Burger King

One of the major content buckets for QSR brands is the introduction of new menu items. In order to get your fans excited before it hits the stores, they have to produce some delectable social media content. This is exactly what Burger King did in this video featuring The Rodeo King. Their fans could not wait to tell them how much they were looking forward to trying the new fare.

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