The Unmetric Brand Report: WOMMA Member Campaigns We Love (August 2017)

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Pride Month, Father’s Day, Bourbon Day are just a few of the content opportunities brands had in June. Let us dive in and take a close look at the content pieces that enjoyed great success on social:

Father’s Day

While brands post much more content around Mother’s Day than Father’s Day, the holiday is gaining traction in certain industries. Here are some of the most engaging content out of the lot:

Bark Box

Bark Box stole the show with a slow jam dedicated for dog dads. This followed the rap anthem they created on Mother’s Day for dog moms.

The video was a sure hit with over 4.5 million views. Bark Box deserves a round of applause for consistently coming up with shareable content. They prompt their audiences to share the content with their friends, without having to explicitly ask them to do so. If you take a look at the comments, you can see that most of them are users tagging their friends who they think would enjoy the video. This results in the brand getting more reach and engagement.

TD Ameritrade

The finance brand made their audience well up with a do-over of the iconic song ‘Cat’s in the Cradle’. Ameritrade’s version put a positive spin on the original. Rather than regret not spending time with family, the song urges viewers to invest in life’s little moments. Framing the story in such a way allows it to be a subtle call to action to invest with Ameritrade.

This post was also Ameritrade’s biggest grosser in terms of engagement, ever. It received almost four times the engagement the next best performing post got.

Old Forester

Old Forester hit the sweet spot by addressing both National Bourbon Day and Father’s Day in a single, epic tweet.


Pride Month

Brands across industries were vocal in their support of LGBTQ rights. Take a look at some highly successful approaches:

Jagermeister USA

Jagermeister used a simple GIF with some crisp, no-nonsense copy to make their stand clear.

Rice Krispies


Another popular route that brands take with holiday or cause-related marketing is creating custom products/packaging. Rice Krispies shared a picture of their custom wrappers that feature the pride rainbow.

Airbnb – Pride

Airbnb also made use of the GIF format to create short and sweet content. Here, the brand has cleverly integrated their successful campaign ‘#WeAccept’ and their logo. Doing so, they forge an association between the values and causes advocated and the brand.


Equinox tied up with The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center to enact the entire LGBTQ alphabet. They try to convey that identities are fluid and encourages the audience to proudly embrace their identities.

By using performance art, they’ve managed to insert fitness into the messaging as well.

Seizing the zeitgeist

Apart from content around these major events and holidays, brands got eyeballs on their content by tying up with trending topics. These include sporting events, movie and TV releases etc.

Bank of America

Fans cannot get enough of the action during major sporting events like the ongoing MLB season. Bank of America used their association with The Boston Red Sox to delight their audience with this light-hearted video.


Audi cashed in on the excitement surrounding the upcoming release of the latest Spiderman movie. The video features Tom Holland as Peter Parker, taking a driver’s test in what’s presumably an Audi A8. There’s quite a bit of chatter around the new model, with the brand keeping it under wraps. The auto brand had secured a product placement in the movie as well, where viewers would finally get a good look at the new model. By jumping on the Spiderman bandwagon, Audi has managed to make the new model come across as a vehicle fit for superheroes (who can’t drive).


LG showed how their OLED TV offers a completely different and immersive TV-watching experience. They roped in one of the characters, Lorna Morello, from Netflix’s hit show ‘Orange is the New Black’ to surprise a new customer. His perplexed and star-struck reaction and the absurdity of the experience clinched the video over 7 million views.

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