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Brands were hard at work on social media last month. A large chunk of the conversation was around Super Bowl. Brands also ran campaigns that focused on product launches, industry events, CSR initiatives and more. Here is a look at some of the top brand campaigns from February.

Super Bowl

Brands that had Super Bowl ads repurposed the ads as video content on their various social profiles. These, as well as other campaigns around the sporting event were huge crowd-pullers on social media too. Many brands experienced a surge in engagement. Whether they were able to hold on to that and consolidate is a question for another day. Here are some of the top performing campaigns related to the Super Bowl:

Under Armour
Tom Brady’s 466-yard record throw and his age defying capabilities verges on myth. Under Armour leveraged their association with the player to cash in on engagement. In the campaign ‘#TheLegendofTomBrady’, the brand makes him out as an urban legend. Three tweets were put out by the brand as part of this campaign. The most engaging of these was a sponsored ad:

The brand published this video following the Patriots win as a tribute to the star player. The video, set against the backdrop of Boston, captures the many legends that the locals have about him.

Budweiser was among the brands that took a bold stand on the current political scenario in their Super Bowl ad spot. The ad drew attention to the origins of their brew and its cultural roots. However, the campaign that got them the most engagement focused on the Clydesdale horses that are associated with the Anheuser-Busch Brewing Company. The tweets gave the audiences a peek into how these stars enjoy the Super Bowl action in style. Budweiser shared a live video to do the same:

The five tweets put out by the brand garnered close to 11,000 Likes and 3,500 Retweets. These got more engagement than the Super Bowl ad.

T-Mobile had a very interesting mix of celebrities who featured in their Super Bowl spots. As much as social media audiences could not stop talking about Justin Bieber’s dance moves and his new moves, they could not get enough of Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart chilling.

The brand published 2 Facebook Posts each with the hashtags ‘#BagofUnlimited’ and ‘#UnlimitedMoves’. Two Posts, one with each hashtag, were promoted. Take a look at this video that got stellar engagement –

This garnered over 3.5 million views on Facebook and received around 24,000 Reactions, 3,000 Comments and 10,000 Shares. The other Post included a looped video that showed Snoop and Martha high-fiving each other. The quirky video received commendable engagement for an organic Post.

Super Bowl is not just about the game or the beer and chips. It is about being with your near and dear to share the joy (and the exasperation). Hyundai brought their brand slogan ‘New Thinking, New Possibilities’ to life while sticking to the theme of bringing people together. The ad spot showed the brand’s efforts to spread the cheer to the families of those who serve in the U.S. army. The campaign was well-executed. They put out several Posts preceding the Super Bowl ad that built intrigue and excitement around it like the one below:

Of the 8 Posts that were part of this campaign, only 2 were promoted. The auto brand strategically chose the Posts that were promoted to capitalize on the attention that the Super Bowl buzz would give them while also building social media audiences’ curiosity before the ad was aired.

Here’s the first instance of the ad that appeared on their Facebook Page:

The amazing engagement that they received becomes all the more impressive when you take into account that it was organic. The brand posted the video again after the ad aired and supported it with paid efforts, thereby clinching better Reach and engagement.

Airbnb’s ‘#WeAccept’ was a huge success on social media. Like Budweiser, Airbnb too sent a not-too-subtle message letting everybody know where they stood on the rising intolerance towards others. The main ad, which you can watch below, got an audience of over 14 million:

If you take a look at the chart that follows, you can see the engagement the campaign received on its 13 Posts during the month of February.

The high engagement scores coincide with the Super Bowl. The three Posts put out by the brand during a two-day period were all promoted. However, the stories that the Posts that are part of the campaign narrate are touching and vivid. This results in the brand getting great engagement on even organic content. For example, check out the last post the brand put out as part of this campaign in February:

Other highlights from the month

The consumer electronics brand engaged their followers and fans with content around the MWC, the Mobile World Conference. While industry events generate considerable engagement as new models are often unveiled, the brand deserves applause for getting such a wide audience interested in the event through the campaign.

The 12 Facebook Posts roped in over 1.2 million Reactions and 4,000 Shares. The brand managed to extend the Reach of their campaign to over 11 million people. On Twitter, 15 Tweets made up the campaign.
The brand got social media audiences to look forward to the event with 4 Posts, of which 3 were promoted. The brand received the most Reactions on the first Post of this campaign:

The most shared Post, however, was all about the latest Moto phone the company will roll out in March:

Here’s how the campaign made its presence felt on Instagram:

Spot the Yoga. (If you can't find it, man, it's definitely time for glasses). #LenovoMWC #Barcelona

A post shared by Lenovo (@lenovo) on

Beats by Dre
Two campaigns by Beats stood out the last month – ‘#GotNoStrings’ and ‘#BeHeard’. While #GotNoStrings offers every marketer a great example on how to position the launch of a new product on social media, #BeHeard is a lesson in harnessing the power of celebrity influencers.

The brand made their audience yearn for the newly-released BeatsX with this post:

The campaign #BeHeard (which was started off in December) continued in full steam. It featured talent that included the likes of Neymar Jr, Tom Brady, Owen Farrell etc. The brand strategically promoted the Posts that featured Tom Brady around the time of the Super Bowl final. By doing so, they were able to tap into the excitement around the match.

Prudential’s campaign, #MasterpieceofLove was a heart-warming initiative that put word out about their interactive community that helps people who have lost someone dear heal. As part of this, several artists turned the stories of loss and pain into incredible paintings that were testament to the wonderful memories that people shared. Of the three Posts that were part of the campaign, two were videos. These introduced what the brand aimed to do through this initiative and provided a sneak peek into the short films that were part of this.
They received the most engagement on the following Post that contained a link to their brand portal:

Several people who commented on the Post shared their own experiences of loss and regeneration.

Brand campaigns are a treasure-trove of inspiration (and data) for marketers. The key lies in staying vigilant of latest trends and top performers as well as measuring how well your brand did. February’s exciting haul of campaigns has us looking forward to more inspired campaigns in the coming months.



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