The Unmetric Brand Report (Vol. 2): Best 2016 Holiday Campaigns

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This is a sponsored nine-part content series from Unmetric looking back at engaging social media campaigns.

December was a particularly busy month on social media. The shopping-heavy holiday season witnesses a lot of outstanding campaigns from brands large and small. In this edition, we take a look at some of the campaigns, holiday-themed and otherwise, that social media audiences loved.


As merry as the holiday season is, it can be stressful too. Jetblue’s campaign involved an attractive offer: a holiday before the holidays. Fans were asked to share their holiday blues stories to win a free trip. This contest was conducted in association with Coca-Cola.

The aviation brand posted 4 times on Facebook to publicize this contest. Three of these were videos, which told relatable stories of the stressful holiday season. The three Twitter ads and one tweet that they ran around the campaign were, however, met with a lukewarm response. The campaign was not much of a success on Instagram either. Even though they published 5 photos, they did not get much engagement.

The most engaging Facebook Post got over a million views. It also received close to 5,000 Likes, 500 Comments and a thousand shares.

Jetblue got their audiences excited about a chance to plan an escape away from the stress of the holidays.


Voya too offered practical solutions to social media audience’s holiday worries. As a company that aims to be known as America’s Retirement company, they addressed Fans’ holiday expenditure woes. The brand introduced Holiday Hal, an avatar that would offer Fans ideas to help them ‘deck the halls without breaking the bank’.

Eight out of their nine Facebook Posts were extremely engaging. On average, these Posts were shared by 1,178 people. Check out their most engaging Post of the lot:

The snowman mascot shares DIY tips and tricks that can help Fans cut costs during the holidays without compromising on the cheer. This campaign too wasn’t much of a success on other social networks.


Hershey’s #HelloHappy campaign is not exclusive to this holiday season. The brand sends out greetings to its followers for all major holidays and other significant events using this hashtag. This does not mean that their Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year content was run-of-the-mill. Fans really enjoyed the simple, genuine copy and the adorable graphics that starred their ‘KISSES’.

In addition to these greetings, the confectionary brand also had videos on innovative holiday-themed recipes that used their chocolate as a key ingredient. They also had DIY decorations videos and exclusive, limited edition holiday products. One can only be thankful for all the love Hershey’s showers on us all year round.

La Croix

In the season of gifts and giving, social media audiences expect no less from brands. While contests and giveaways are surefire ways of getting great engagement, brands have to be creative to make sure that the engagement that they get persists. A new trend in Christmas giveaways and contests is the 12 days of Christmas theme.

One of the most interesting things about the #12DaysOfLaCroix campaign is that they used the contest to send their Fans and Followers to all their different social media profiles. Instead of having the contests exclusively on Facebook, or having one each on all their major networks, they asked the Facebook and Twitter crowd to keep track of their Instagram and Snapchat accounts. This is a great way to grow your Reach. The more a person interacts with your brand’s content on Instagram, the more likely is it that they see your future Posts. Contests help brands to tilt the Instagram algorithm to their advantage.

Some of their posts asked audiences to like and tag a couple of friends, whereas others demanded comments about their favorite product. This is a great way to get consumer feedback. The other noteworthy aspect is that their product is the star of every post, even one that features an iPad:


YETI’s #BuiltForTheWild campaign was a huge success on social media. Instead of fixating on their product, these posts address the experiences that their product would be integral to. YETI attempts to associate their cooler with the outdoors, be it fishing, hunting or the rodeo.
Here’s one of their most engaging Posts that features the Wright Boys who are rodeo champions as they take on the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo:

They were extremely active on Instagram too, with 31 quite engaging posts during the one-month period on this campaign.

What is interesting here is the brand is rarely in the picture. This commitment to the outdoors experience is definitely something that their target audience would enjoy, and it shows.


Fitness brands have a tough job on social media around the holidays. Nobody wants to be reminded of the gym hours they should be putting in or the diet plan they should be following. But brands like Equinox aren’t known to quit. They double down and remind us to #CommitToSomething. Even if they have to resort to such a morbid picture:

Where cupcakes come to die... #CommitToSomething #NationalCupcakeDay

A photo posted by Equinox (@equinox) on

Their idea of a Christmas greeting involved putting Santa on a diet too:

Because you know Santa Claus isn't getting his vegetables in. #SantaSnacks #CommitToSomething

A photo posted by Equinox (@equinox) on

San Antonio Spurs

The NBA team’s most engaging campaign from last month was a tribute to their player Tim Duncan. The team shared various memories and highlights from the player’s career for 21 days, making up the #21DaysofTD campaign. For an example, see their most engaging Facebook Post:

This campaign was extremely popular on Twitter and Instagram too. One of the Posts that the team’s followers particularly enjoyed involved a prank:

Wouldn't be Timmy & Manu Day without this. #21DaysOfTD

A video posted by San Antonio Spurs (@spurs) on

This campaign allowed the team and its Fans to express how much they were going to miss Timmy.


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