TALK Tour Austin 2017 Event Recap – Does Your Influencer Marketing Measure Up?

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The 2017 WOMMA T.A.L.K Tour kicked off on May 19th at Google Fiber in downtown Austin. Hosted by Spredfast, the theme of this year's first TALK Tour stop was “Does Your Influencer & Advocacy Marketing Measure Up?” It’s a question on all of our minds, and this half-day networking event brought thought leaders to the stage to help us find the answer and direct us on a path to success.

Team Lithium is proud to be the 2017 WOMMA TALK Tour Supporting Sponsor and excited to be in attendance at the Austin event, but more importantly we experienced first-hand the value in discussing the trends and learnings with a diverse group of marketers looking for similar results.  Influencer Marketing is oftentimes underutilized form of engagement, and perhaps that’s because it’s so multi-faceted and hard to measure! It’s about spreading your message via influencers among friends and family, through social media, content marketing, and word of mouth.


As Behr’s Tanuja Singeetham’s reminded us, “92% of recommendations are from people we know;” and in fact, when it comes to millennials looking for home improvement ideas, family and friends are almost the top place to seek out inspiration (only second to Pinterest).  If we put ourselves into the consumers’ lives, we can be a part of each step of their buyer journey. Many actions and purchases result from emotion. Think of the Behr example of the DIY journey – it’s a mix of emotional highs and lows as we use paint – we’ve all been there!


Etched Communication’s Toni Harrison hit that same point home with her approach to use a mix of both art and science to uncover these types of insights. We can get a true dialogue within our diverse audience if we begin our marketing campaigns with culture; it lights the fire for authenticity and therefore a meaningful result beyond the more obvious ROI.  “People buy from people,” we heard from Toni. Measurable impressions may matter, but we will always fall back on honesty. When strategizing a creative approach to marketing, start with culture: it provides insight, which leads to exciting opportunities.

This should go hand-in-hand with a content marketing strategy, and a fresh and growing medium is the podcast. Developing a content partnership can cause beneficial leaps in a brand’s revenue, especially from podcast influencer recommendations. Onnit’s CEO Aubrey Marcus gave us his story on how his partnering with Podcaster Shawn Stevenson of The Model Health Show was a driving force behind his company’s staggering growth.

Evergreen content is the marketing holy grail; the podcast content lives on and is invaluable for advertisers and sponsors. Shawn pushes his goals forward by directing his listeners to the .com landing page from his podcast, where he can track the customers, and uses facebook to build and nurture their community of listeners, view comments, and have conversations with fans.

It’s up to us to as marketers to think outside the box to create buzz. Team Lithium definitely came away from this event with actionable steps from the speakers’ fresh approaches to engagement campaigns. Whether it be online content integration, blogger promotions, using paid influencers, or holding social contests, unexpected results come from real peoples’ tips. Adding a face adds a personal touch to reinforce that believability. The new ideas from the speakers required rapid change and being nimble in a quickly changing market.

However, this often requires disrupting the status quo, especially in larger companies. And to manage change, it’s crucial to build up all relationships within the organization, such as with IT and legal departments and those that move the budget. It’s how we can prove the impact from these efforts and get everyone on board. We can’t get away with incremental change any more.

A way to visualize this, added Tanuja, is to remember, “out of site > out of mind > out of shopping cart.” We should remain relevant, so we are not left behind. You can only stay top of mind if you bring yourself and others into your journey.

While we do our very best in our professional marketing lives, it’s important to take a step back and examine the reality of the workplace today. During the eye-opening panel “Four Generations of Women at Work,” we learned only 36% of women end up in full-time positions – while this opens up questions about how to achieve work-life balance and revolutionize flexibility in the workplace, empowering women needs to come from all angles. The women from Spredfast, Trendkite, and Lifesize each offered their generational and unique perspective on the causes and potential solutions to these gaps. The panelists hit home that the root of these discrepancies comes from the major change in how we measure success from the previous generation until now.

There’s progress through dialogue, empowering one another, and networking. “Diversity fosters creativity,” perfectly summed up this panel and an inspiring day at WOMMA TALK Influence @Austin.

Here are our key takeaways from the day, which we plan to implement back at the office, and encourage you to as well:

  • Re-think your partner strategy for ways to boost recognition amongst your appropriate audience
  • Look to the less obvious forms of marketing and social media platforms when strategizing
  • Think about the demographics of your customer
  • Fish where the fish are!
  • Be inclusive of all departments when it comes to change management
  • Host lunch & learns to introduce colleagues to new ideas
  • Always get your insights from Culture first
  • Networking is your greatest asset – get out there and connect

Interested in attending future WOMMA TALK Tour events in Chicago, New York, San Francisco or Washington D.C.? View the TALK Tour schedule.

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