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Natalie Boden, Founder & President of Boden

BODEN is a leading cross-cultural communications agency with experience reaching consumers in the U.S. and Latin America. The agency works with some the world’s most iconic brands on big, bold thinking that drives conversation, connects communities and inspires cultural leadership. BODEN's capabilities are multidisciplinary and span across traditional media relations and influencer marketing to social media and social listening.

Natalie Boden, Founder & President, is named one of PRWeek’s Top 40 under 40 Heavy Hitters. Natalie has succeeded in building Boden into an award-winning communications agency and winner of PR News’ Best Places to Work. Her thought leadership guides the agency and helps companies, including Target, McDonald’s, Delta Dental and UnitedHealthcare, continue to drive conversation, build community and inspire cultural leadership. An advocate of empowering the next generation of communications leaders, Natalie is a big proponent of investing in the growth of talent and in giving back to communities in need. In this spotlight, Natalie give us insights on Boden and the work they are most proud of.

1. What three adjectives best describe your organization?

  1. Inclusive
  2. Dynamic
  3. Fast

2. If your marketing team could be on any magazine cover, what magazine would it be and what would the headline say?

Fast Company. “The Dynamic Wunder Team Behind Hispanic Marketing.”

3. Which marketing campaign of yours are you most proud of?

There is no doubt that Hispanics, particularly millennials, are digitally fluent and will significantly impact and drive mainstream culture and social conversation over the next decade. The opportunity to listen, analyze, engage, and plan content around their interests and conversations is enormous for brands.

For this reason, BODEN launched Escucha, a proprietary Hispanic social listening and influencer engagement initiative that delivers U.S. Hispanic social insights, allowing for real-time social engagement with Hispanic influencers, newsjacking and rapid response strategies.

Our client McDonald’s began leveraging Escucha as the brand’s digital newsroom for the U.S. Hispanic market. The initiative was put into play to build community and improve brand health within the brand’s online demographic.

In Q3 2016 only, the U.S. Hispanic digital brand newsroom has identified 85 opportunities to engage with influencers and consumers, resulting in over 1 million earned impressions and 2.2K+ user interactions.

The brand was able to build brand advocacy with numerous consumers and 22 influencers – all highly authoritative voices within the U.S. Hispanic community, including fitness guru Sascha Barbosa, TV hosts Carolina Sandoval and Yarel Ramos, and blogger Maiah Ocando. Brand perception has also positively shifted. Positive conversations increased by 112% and negative conversations decreased by 62%.

These case studies illustrate the striking power of Hispanic social listening.

And as new social platforms/technologies emerge and our diverse Hispanic population grows, this tool will play an even more critical role in providing cultural intelligence to marketing and communications experts.

4. Present company excluded, what brand(s) do you admire the most and why?

I admire Hermes for their top of the line quality and ethereal storytelling that positions them as a timeless brand. McDonald’s for their strong pursuit and passion for innovation (full disclosure: client). And Target for being an iconic retail brand that always exceeds consumer expectations (full disclosure: client).

5. What do you most want to achieve through your membership in WOMMA?

As a WOMMA member, Boden hopes to connect with other thought leaders to bring fresh thinking and enriching conversations about the Hispanic segment to the table.

6. Name a favorite online resource for word of mouth marketing (other than

  1. Fast Company
  2. Porta
  3. Ad Age
  4. Adweek

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