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Influencers. They’re EVERYWHERE.

The subjects of books, articles, blogs, speeches, tweets, posts, and case studies… living over the back fence, sitting at our kitchen table, and appearing on TV, in newspapers and ads, and in our meetings and conferences. They’re everywhere!

As a brand or agency, could you escape influencers in 2013? And more importantly, would you want to?

Let me answer for you. NO

Influencers are critical to both brands and word of mouth marketing. They make recommendations, write reviews, sway others’ opinions, and cause changes in behaviors… all of which can lead to powerful brand outcomes.

That is why focus on influencers has become so pervasive and why influencer marketing programs have become more front-of-mind for so many marketers.

But how well are influencers and influencer marketing understood? Why do we see influencer, advocate, and brand ambassador used interchangeably? And how do we activate and measure these programs?

Get the answers to those questions and many more in WOMMA’s all-new WOMMA Influencer Guidebook 2013!

WOMMA Influencer Guidebook 2013

Since early 2012, WOMMA’s Research and Measurement Council (RMC)’s Influencer Committee has been researching and developing the definitive guide to influencers and influencer marketing. Comprised of members from MotiveQuest, IBM, BlogHer, Fanscape, The Anca Group, and Social@Ogilvy, the Influencer Committee has developed an actionable resource for marketers to identify and activate influencers and jump start influencer marketing programs.

From definitions of influence, key influencers, ‘influencees’, and influencer marketing programs to definitions of advocates, ambassadors, and citizen, professional /occupational, and celebrity influencers, this guidebook provides a common language for marketers to use.

Don’t miss this guidebook, due out in spring 2013, if you want to learn:

  • The five (5) types of influencers – advocates, ambassadors, citizen influencers, professional /occupational influencers, and celebrity influencers – including their characteristics and how to identify and activate them
  • Which type of influencer to choose to meet certain brand goals and objectives
  • Straightforward ways to identify and engage various types of influencers
  • How to develop effective influencer marketing programs
  • Ways to measure influencer marketing programs.

WOMMA Influencer Events – Spring 2013

Join us for WOMMA Influencer events this spring and help us spread the word about the new WOMMA Influencer Guide 2013!

We’ll have more guest blog posts this week on the All Things WOMM blog from guidebook authors Neil Beam of MotiveQuest, Bill Chamberlain of IBM, Jane Collins of BlogHer, and Michael Fein of Fanscape on citizen and celebrity influencers and takeaways from the guidebook on WOMMA’s Blog this week to read and share! 

Plus, attend WOMMA’s Online Practicum, "Sneak Peek: The New Guide to Influencer Marketing” on April 18 at 2:30 P.M. CST / 12:30 P.M. PST, during which guidebook authors Neil Beam, Jane Collins, and I (Ashley Libby of The Anca Group) will discuss and answer questions on influencer definitions, influencer types, and harnessing the power of influencers. CLICK HERE to register now.

And, if you’re attending WOMM-U in May, don’t miss the influencer breakout session “Influencer Marketing – Put It to Work!” on Tuesday, May 21 at 3 P.M. CST. In this action-packed ‘how to’ session, guidebook authors Neil Beam, Bill Chamberlain, Jane Collins, Susan Emerick of IBM, and I will discuss ways to develop, run, and measure highly effective influencer marketing programs.

Stay tuned for the release of the WOMMA Influencer Guidebook 2013!

What questions do you have about influencers and influencer marketing? Share them here or come to the next WOMMA Influencer event with them in mind!

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