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See Alissa live in Chicago at WOMMA's Talkable Brands Exchange on Sept. 22. She'll present Google+...What Brands Need to Know!

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding Key Google+ Features
  • Why Should Marketers Care about Google+
  • How will Google+ Affect SEO Efforts?

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Google has created more than a social media destination with Google+ – but also an opportunity for marketers to enjoy stronger synergy between search and social media.

In the video featured here, iCrossing thought leaders Tarah Feinberg, Matthew Gagen, and Alisa Leonard discuss how marketers will be able to use Google Plus to learn more about their customers with highly refined insights and then improve their search marketing campaigns.

Google Plus is not yet formally open to brands – but as Tarah Feinberg states, it’s important that marketers start learning from Google+ now.

“Understand what’s going on with this platform,” he asserts. “Everything on a personal level can be transferred to a professional level.”

This video is the first in new iCrossing thought leadership series known as iCrossing Real-Time Insights. Through Real-Time Insights, iCrossing provides advice on topical issues to help chief marketing officers build connected brands and businesses. Real-Time Insights are created by the iCrossing Live Media Studio. — David Deal, vice president of marketing, iCrossing

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