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WOMMA develops original research to advance and educate the word of mouth marketing community. WOMMA works closely with its members to create this research through collaborative working groups that incorporate some of the industry's most diverse perspectives and expertise.

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Guidelines and Best Practices

WOMMA Social Media Disclosure Guidelines (March, 2017)
Best Practices for Transparency and Honesty in Digital, Social & Mobile Marketing

In today’s constantly evolving interactive world, with opportunities to deliver messaging across countless platforms and devices, it can be difficult to figure out the best way to ethically, accurately, and consistently make disclosures. However, doing so is critical not only to communicate with audiences ethically and responsibly, but also to avoid damage to your brand’s reputation and potential legal, regulatory, and financial risk. Some fundamental principles to keep in mind when conducting your marketing and communications activities in digital, social, and mobile media are set forth below. Please note this guide is provided as a courtesy to our members and the industry at large, but is not intended to be legal advice. Always consult your own attorney to apply current law to your specific circumstances.

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Media Rating Council (MRC) Social Media Measurement Guidelines

This document presents a guideline for the measurement of certain types of Social Media activity conducted by consumers who use media. For purposes of this document, Social Media is defined as created, shared or exchanged information, ideas, content and opinions in virtual communities and online networks, including conversations about or with a brand. The document was prepared for the use and benefit of the media Industry, especially those constituents that analyze behavior or user-generated/posted information, measure advertising and those that attempt to monetize events (whether buyer or seller) in a Social Media environment.

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WOMMA is strategically focused on providing research insights for its members and the public. The Research & Measurement Council (RMC), created in 2005, has been driving projects, education and guides around the measurement of word of mouth marketing and social media marketing.

The RMC is responsible for developing projects, programs and tools that engage marketers and create an understanding of the importance of integrating metrics and measurement into WOMM and social media marketing campaigns.

Return on Word of Mouth Study

What is the true value of WOM, online and off, relative to other marketing and media? In June, WOMMA gathered some of the world’s leading brands and researchers and launched “Return on Word of Mouth,” a landmark study to finally answer this question, as well as many others.

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Return on Word of Mouth Infographic

To enlarge, click on the infographic. For additional details on the “Return on Word of Mouth,” download the study listed above.


Don't be Naive About Native
A WOMMA Whitepaper on How Marketers Should Approach Disclosure in Native Advertising

Native advertising is a rapidly evolving area, one where law and regulation have yet to establish clear rules of the road. Even its name sparks controversy: is it “native advertising,” “content marketing,” “sponsored content,” or something else entirely? Whatever it’s called, “native advertising” is generally defined as marketer-sponsored content that is designed for compatibility with the editorial content in which it is placed.

As a whitepaper, Don’t Be Naïve About Native, is an examination of the topic of transparency and disclosure within native advertising; a look at all the ways to characterize it; and a series of examples of ways to disclose within native advertising executions.

Our industry must consider what guidance we should provide to our audiences— now, rather than wait for publishers or regulators to answer these questions for us. We hope this whitepaper will provide perspective to help in this evolving process.

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Ethical Whitepaper
Ethical Word of Mouth Marketing Disclosure Best Practices in Today’s Regulatory Environment

WOMMA—in collaboration with industry leaders, members, non-members, academics and both B2C and B2B audiences and in consultation with the WOMMA Ethics Committee on issues of ethics and disclosure—formalized these recommended best practices and guidelines for social media, mobile and digital WOM communications in today’s regulatory environment to further industry ethics and professional disclosure practices.

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