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What will it take to make sure WOMM gets its rightful place in the hearts, minds and budgets of CMOs everywhere?  As a trade organization, WOMMA is dedicated to this mission and rallying our members to work together to grow the whole Word of Mouth Marketing industry.

In order to achieve this, there are two key challenges to address:

  1. We will get marketers to take WOMM seriously. Marketers need to learn and use best practices to protect consumer trust and avoid regulation.  Measurements and metrics need to be standardized so the case can be consistently proven across many businesses that Word Of Mouth Marketing does work to reach consumers that brands can’t reach on their own and it does drive results.
  2. We will raise the level of awareness of the value of WOMM to the C-Suite. We need to engage CMOs in dialogs and strategic partnerships to help them learn about the power of WOMM and encourage them to adopt it as a reliable factor in the marketing mix.  Once the C-Suite understands the value of WOMM, increased resources will be dedicated to it.

In 2016 WOMMA will be working harder than ever to provide the tools, training and certifications marketers need to do WOMM the right way.  We’ll leverage research and collaborate on measurement standards to prove the value of WOMM.  And, we’ll reach out to high-level influential marketers with thought-leadership, case studies and resources to aid in the transformation of their marketing organizations.

WOMMA is serious about helping WOMM reach its full potential.  We invite YOU to actively participate in the groundswell of passionate members at the forefront of this movement.

Deborah Holland
WOMMA Board of Directors Chair, 2016
Executive Vice President, Publishers Clearing House

Deborah Holland

About Deborah Holland

Deborah Holland is Executive Vice President at Publishers Clearing House, one of the nation’s largest multi-channel direct marketers of consumer products and services and a leading provider of digital play and win entertainment. She has extensive experience in direct/interactive marketing, creative, testing, analysis, multi-channel promotions, sweepstakes, and social media. Deborah serves as the 2016 WOMMA Board of Directors Chair.

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