How to Create Content for a B2B Brand

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In the world of digital marketing, the crux of any strategy is content and sharing relevant information. Whether it’s blog content, videos, Slideshares or even simple images, it’s all about creating content that is relatable and easily consumable.

On social media in specific, content needs to be conversational, engaging and brief. While brands from ‘sexier’ industries have no trouble creating this type of ‘snackable’ content, it might not be that same for brands that belong to more professional verticals.

We took a look at some of top B2B brands that create buzz on social media and how they do it.

Create content that has a longer shelf life

If you’re creating exclusive content for your social marketing, create something that is not time bound. It gives you the opportunity to reuse the piece at any time of the year thus minimizing the need to keep churning out fresh content.

HubSpot’s cheat sheet would have been valid for a whole year, making the piece relevant for a long period. This gives content a better lifespan and the chance to maximize reach.

Leverage existing mass media campaigns

You can always tinker your mass media campaign to fit into social to maintain messaging consistency, but don’t forget to alter your content to the medium.

Like Intel has, adding in hashtags, commentary, and even more background details through a link will appeal better to your digital audience.

Explore different formats of content for a single campaign

Another route is to create smaller formats of content that fits in with a larger campaign.

Accenture posted extensively about #WEF17. The campaign consisted of multiple formats of content from videos, to images, to simple text.

Create content based on trending topics

Apart from these, time sensitive content is sure to give you a boost in engagement, but only at the time of the event.

Dice’s piece on CES has gotten almost 2x the engagement the company received on average in January 2016.

Another example of event related content performing well. EY’s Post on the Oscars was one of their best performing in Q1 2017.

Choose the right social network

Exploring different social networks and tailoring content for them is a good way to reach your audience where they are.

3M’s Instagram feed consists of short videos and images that are both engaging and capture the essence of the brand.

Repurpose existing inventory of content

One of the biggest time savers is to leverage your company’s existing inventory of content. Don’t have too many content pieces that are timeless? Sharing customer quotes, product descriptions or even images count.

Though the link is over a year old, the content is still relevant and HubSpot has repurposed it with a pithy description.

Sharing motivational quotes are a good example of content marketing that involves minimum effort.

However, the best way to create content is by understanding what has worked for your company or your peers in the past. Key metrics you must look at before creating content are: engagement, sentiment and industry average.

The engagement score is the perfect indication of how your audience reacted to your content. Using a score that takes into account your audience size and estimated reach is ideal to get an unbiased idea of content performance. The Unmetric’s engagement score does exactly that and also allows the user to customize the weightage of a Like/Share/Comment.

After you take into account engagement, look at the sentiment of the post. While a large part of you community might have interacted with that piece of content in the past it could’ve been for all the wrong reasons. So ensure the piece you repurpose was well received in the past. Facebook reactions can be of huge help in this area.

Finally, compare that to your peers. This content might have performed great for you, but how does that stack up in your industry? Is there something better out there that you should be sharing? Benchmarking against your industry in engagement and also taking a look at their content will take your strategy to the next level.

Remember, in the B2B industry, even though you’re selling to a business, the person consuming your content is another human. So remember to keep content simple and relatable.


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