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Secrets of Winning the WOMMYs: What the Judges Want to See

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When Geno Church was a WOMMY Awards judge, he was looking for more than metrics and the how-tos of a campaign. He was seeking something deeper, inspirational and exciting than the details of the labor that went into executing the project. “I want to be inspired,” he said of reading through submissions of high-caliber campaigns. With every lead paragraph, he was hoping …

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WOMMA Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct: Industry-Wide Call for Comments

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Open Comment Period from July 15 – August 15 The WOMMA Code of Ethics is a cornerstone of the principles that built this organization. WOMMA is very proud that the FTC recognized in its 2015 guide, with several specific references, the authority and integrity of the overall WOMMA Code. As part of its annual ethics evaluation process, WOMMA established the Living Ethics …

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Is Your WOMM Measuring Up?

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Today’s marketers are under more pressure than ever to deliver results.  Positive, verifiable results.  Yet, when it comes to influencer marketing and social media marketing campaigns, a common question being asked is whether the ROI can be proven. It’s no wonder CMOs doubt the validity of results for word of mouth marketing campaigns since the industry is not yet using …

New Member Spotlight: Nissan

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Nissan’s customer promise that their dealerships will treat you as a guest in their home is matched by their digital drive to greet you on your screens with just as much enthusiasm. With marketing campaigns that range from educational to entertaining, Nissan is working to be a stand-up and stand-out brand in the digital space.  Scot Cottick, Senior Manager, Nissan Digital & …

Council Insider: What’s Happening Right Now

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  Summer is our season to recruit participants and refine strategy for WOMMA councils. And we’re taking the deep dive, creating tools to serve each of WOMMA’s member organizations. Here’s what we are working on and how you and your colleagues can bring talent and insights to our three councils. Can I Join a Council? Absolutely. WOMMA membership is company-wide, …

WOMMA TALK Tour 2016: Second Stop — TALK Measurement, New York

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From fashion-forward creative campaigns to data-driven business decisions, WOMMA’s TALK Measurement delivered. The Ogilvy-hosted event included presentations on standards and practices for effectively measuring marketing activities. Kathy Baird, EVP, Content + Social at Ogilvy Washington, opened the event by highlighting the main challenge marketers face. “To exist in our functions today, we’re all challenged to prove staffing resources, and financial investment, through our …

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WOMMA TALK Tour 2016: First Stop — Talking Influence in Chicago

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WOMMA kicked off its 2016 TALK Tour season with a series of panels that felt more interactive than the usual presentation mode we often experience at industry events. Held at Google’s Chicago digs, the morning featured four insightful talks from experts specifically focusing on Influence, one of WOMMA’s three pillars of Word of Mouth Marketing. From the new frontiers offered …

Research Shows Micro-Influencers Are Marketing’s Biggest Opportunity

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For some time, marketers have suspected that certain opinions matter more than others when it comes to swaying consumers’ buying habits. Influence is far from a level playing field, but it isn’t necessarily for the reasons you might expect—fame, fortune, and celebrity status. Influence is about authenticity, access to information and the drive to empower others. Micro-influencers are not traditional …