Member Spotlight: Morningstar on Building Trust and Innovation

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The 2016 WOMMY Awards will be held on November 15, honoring  the year’s most innovative word of mouth and social media marketing campaigns. And some of our industry’s best and brightest will cross the stage as they are inducted into the WOMM Hall of Fame. It makes perfect sense that all of this will take place inside Morningstar’s dazzling auditorium because our …


#TALKEthics: Compliance is not as Complicated as You Think

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The discussion – and concern – about disclosure in influencer and native advertising has never been more pertinent than it is today. The very issue graced a recent front page of the New York Times, asking, “Endorsed on Instagram by a Kardashian, is it Love or Just an Ad?” The article clearly outlined how celebrity influencers like the Kardashians have a penchant for sharing …

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3 Tools to Shape the Future of WOMM

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WOMMA’s peer-to-peer networking councils are currently developing three tools that will shape the conversation and establish best practices for influencer, advocacy, and social media marketing. Here’s a sneak preview of what’s in store for the future. Over the past few months the WOMMA Councils have been working on helpful tools and guides for word of mouth marketers. 1. The Ethics …

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WOMMA Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct: 2016 Updates

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WOMMA’s Code of Ethics is a cornerstone of the principles on which WOMMA was built. As part of its ethics evaluation process, WOMMA established the Living Ethics Review as the method to update the Code of Ethics. The Ethics and Legal Council has been working on the 2016 update to the Code, which reflects the following improvements. Updated Core Values …

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Join Team WOMMA: Two Open Positions Announced

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The Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) is looking to expand its team with these two positions: Director/Manager of Engagement (download job description here) Development Manager (based in the NYC area) (download job description here) WOMMA is building a virtual team that thrives in an open and collaborative work environment. We empower people, giving the support and autonomy needed to …


FTC Compliance and Disclosures: How to Keep it Real

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I’m a professional in the influencer marketing industry. I’ve read countless blog posts and I can spot a sponsored post without proper disclosures from a mile away. As a reader, it’s annoying, and as a professional in the industry, I know it makes the rest of us look bad (even more annoying). CLEVER’s own Founder and President, Stefania Pomponi, recently …

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The WOMMA Code of Ethics – It’s What Sets Us Apart

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Recently there’s been talk of a survey in which one in four influencers reported they’ve been asked by a brand on at least one occasion not to disclose they were compensated.  Surely those brands weren’t WOMMA members. WOMMA members know that disclosure and transparency are critical to building and maintaining consumer trust. WOMMA members agree to follow our Code of …

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New Member Spotlight: Say Hello to Sprinklr

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Sprinklr’s enterprise technology platform to help large brands create, manage and optimize social experiences. Working with more than a thousand brands to navigate 20 or more social channels and websites requires a lot of heavy lifting. Their 1,100 employees based out of ten countries are not only executing services, they’re creating whitepapers and case studies, leading trainings and global events. Jeremy …

Instagram Stories Kill Snapchat

Did Instagram Stories Kill Snapchat for Influencers?

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With more daily users than Twitter, Snapchat has pushed its way on to the screens and strategies of influencers and marketers as quick as a food blogger (or celebrity or third grader) can vomit rainbows. Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey acknowledged that the new kid on the social scene is “very modern” and said that his team is addressing how alienating …