Are you making good use of the Influencer Guidebook?

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Influencer marketing is one of the hot trends in word of mouth marketing in 2014.  With the rise in social media over the past five years, Influencer marketing programs have become an important part of any social media marketing strategy.  
Influencer marketing has become more important because they have the ability to cause a change in opinion of behavior.   They can be critical to helping get the word out regarding your brand, your latest product launch or your most recent white paper.  All types of organizations are looking for influencers who have the potential to change the purchasing behavior of the people who follow them.
If you are a new member you might not be aware that last year a team of WOMMA members researched, developed and published the 2013 WOMMA Influencer Guidebook.  If you have not checked out that guidebook, it’s a great educational resource for marketers to better understand the mechanics and metrics of influencer marketing.
The WOMMA 2013 Influencer Guidebook helps those that are developing Influencer programs in a number of ways:

  • Definitions. Four critical elements have been defined and discussed: Influence, Key Influencers, Influencees, and Influencer Marketing and their relationship to each other
  • Types of Influencers: The identification and description of five distinct categories of influences: Advocate, Ambassador, Citizen, Celebrity, and Professional/Occupational
  • Program Considerations: A discussion of three levels of program considerations a marketer should consider when constructing their influencer marketing program
  • Influencer Attributes:  Picking the right influencers is important.  A discussion and list of attributes that an influencer can possess is discussed.
  • Metrics:  The Guidebook clarifies the difference between “potential to influence” metrics from that of “actual/observed influence” metrics – there is a difference and different methodologies are required

These five areas are all covered in a single, easy-to-read’ PDF file that make the new guidebook an important read for anyone considering or implementing an influencer marketing program.   
To get the Guidebook, you need to be a registered WOMMA member.   If you are not a member, but want some more detail on the guidebook, here’s a few links to past blog posts where you can get more information.
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