The 3 Pillars of WOMM

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It’s all about Trust.

WOMMA’s work is more important than ever as trust plays an increasing role in consumers’ relationships with brands, in marketers’ ability to reliably assess results and in the regulatory community’s standards for disclosure in newly developing platforms. That’s why our content, education, assessment tools, councils, website and events are organized around ethical behavior and best practices in these 3 pillars of WOMM.

Pillar 1:  Influencer & Advocacy Marketing                                                                   

Peer-to-peer influencers and customer advocates are now reaching audiences brands can’t reach on their own.  Conversations, content, native advertising, user-generated ratings and recommendations or complaints, wherever they occur – online or offline, in social media or at in-person social gatherings – are motivating purchasing decisions with more power than paid media impressions.  Consumers trust what their peers say about a brand more than what the brand itself says.   WOMMA’s focus on ethical behavior and best practices in influencer and advocacy marketing is designed to help bolster consumer trust, leading to stronger relationships with brands.

Pillar 2:  Research & Measurement

Today’s marketers need reliable measurement to be able to trust the return on their WOMM investment.  Done right, it can lead to greater profits and success for companies. Done wrong, it can misinform and lead to bad business decisions.  WOMMA provides research, metrics and guidelines for measurement standards to help businesses assess their performance and to support the case across many businesses that word of mouth marketing drives results across platforms and devices.

Pillar 3:  Ethics & Compliance

In this rapidly evolving regulatory environment, one thing is clear:  the basic principles of honesty, transparency and full disclosure that can be understood by the audience in the venue where it’s delivered and consumed are being applied to each new platform or marketing technique.  Trust and transparency are necessary for sustainability and growth of our industry.  WOMMA provides education, resources and thought leadership to help marketers learn and use best practices to protect consumer trust and avoid the need for regulatory action.

The landscape of marketing is changing daily with disruptive technologies, innovative platforms and new consumer preferences.  But the foundation of consumer trust is a brand’s most valuable asset in any era.  The 3 pillars of WOMM transcend time, technology and trends.  We are WOMMA, the trade organization dedicated to ethical word of mouth and social media marketing.  Together, we are spreading the word.  Together, we are transforming the future of marketing.

Deborah Holland

About Deborah Holland

Deborah Holland is Executive Vice President at Publishers Clearing House, one of the nation’s largest multi-channel direct marketers of consumer products and services and a leading provider of digital play and win entertainment. She has extensive experience in direct/interactive marketing, creative, testing, analysis, multi-channel promotions, sweepstakes, and social media. Deborah serves as the 2016 WOMMA Board of Directors Chair.

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