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WOMMA’s membership base is comprised of some of the most innovative brands, agencies and service providers committed to progressing the word of mouth marketing industry through advocacy, education and ethics. As industry experts and the most talented practitioners, they provide a wealth of knowledge and insight to help other members and organizations become successful.

Member-hosted online webinars are an excellent way to share your knowledge and expertise on a WOMM topic. They’re also a great way for you to showcase your company as part of WOMMA’s ever-expanding educational curriculum. WOMMA Webinars are free to attend.

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Top Tips For Digital Leaders: How To Avoid & Recover From A Social Media Hacking Incident

September 21, 2017 (Thurs) | 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM (Central)

The best way to deal with a social media hack attack is to avoid it in the first place, but if your social media channels do get hacked, it’s crucial to make sure you're prepared so your brand can recover quickly. Social media hacks can be disruptive to a brand’s reputation and take a company’s entire social media strategy off track as teams shift into crisis mode to deal with the attack. And, social media hack attacks are on the rise. In the last year, they have increased. But with proper planning, your team can improve the way it protects itself against hacks, and recover from them more quickly if you do get hacked.

Please join Proofpoint and our expert guests Jen McClure and Shel Holtz for a special webinar for digital and social media leaders. Learn best practices for how to avoid and how to deal with a social media hack, including how to:

• Guard against social media hacks of your branded channels and employee channels
• Develop a clearly defined plan with specified roles and workflows
• Own up to the hack, no matter how embarrassing it may be
• Act fast, efficiently and recover quickly

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How Influencers Impact Women's Food Purchases

September 28, 2017 (Thurs) | 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM (Central)

Food is one of the most shared topics on social media. In August 2017, SheSpeaks embarked on a study to better understand how and why women make meal and food purchase decisions. The results indicate that social media and influencers play a strong role in impacting food preparation & buying.

• The main challenges women face when making food and meal choices
• How social media and social influencers are impacting how women buy and prepare meals
• The key implications of these findings for food marketers

Join us to get the results of this new study and discuss important implications for food marketers.

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How 3M Has Evolved with the Shopper

October 11, 2017 (Wed) | 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM (Central)

The consumer’s Path to Purchase now includes social media, blogs, mobile, online recommendations, and reviews. Today’s marketers must influence across the entire Path to Purchase and increase personalization to reach shoppers. In this panel conversation, learn how 3M leaders across teams are ensuring that brands and retail partners are reaching customers at every touchpoint.

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Programmatic Influencer Marketing for the Holidays

October 18, 2017 (Wed) | 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM (Central)

For consumers, the holidays are all about friends, family, and human connection, but for brands it is all about driving sales. Influencer marketing helps brands join in the holiday spirit by using influencers to help build authentic emotional connections with consumers, but those connections can seem intangible if marketers cannot track them properly. Traditionally influencer marketing is believed to fall short with concerns around trackability, reach and performance optimization. But this holiday season, a new kind of marketing is born; programmatic influencer marketing campaigns reach beyond followings and fluffy metrics to delivery smart, relevant, targeted, trackable advertising with a human touch.

• Learn more about shoppable social ad products.
• Learn how to leverage influencers to make paid social ads seem more organic.

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