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Leveraging the Power of Employee Ambassadorship to Drive Social Influence

PILLARS: Influencer & Advocacy, Research & Measurement

Learn how to create a powerful social ambassador program to drive brand credibility, grow social influence, and drive real-time marketing opportunities. Join Christa Gorham, Senior Marketing Manager at CenturyLink, as she shares a model for empowering employees to have an effective voice in social media on behalf of the brand. You’ll hear brand-side insights and tips for creating and enabling a successful employee advocacy program.

This session covers:

  • Targeting and training specific ambassador groups based on what’s relevant to them and program goals
  • Defining a content strategy that supports the various interests of your ambassadors and the brand’s strategy
  • Getting ambassadors on the way to being social sharers and sustaining program involvement

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Getting ROI From Your Social Strategy

PILLARS: Influencer & Advocacy, Research & Measurement

Social campaigns are often questioned by data driven marketers as lacking a truly measurable ROI. The focus of the conversation will be on the latest strategies and tools marketers are using to engage audiences, get them sharing, and measure results.
This session will cover the latest strategies including:

  • #Hashtag Contests
  • Social Activations
  • Sponsored Advertising
  • Social Scavenger Hunts
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • KPI's for measuring marketing reach

Learn from the most successful brands as TINT features case studies from social brands such as Travelocity, Cars.com, Dubai Mall, Nasdaq, and more.

Brandon Ancier - Head of Growth
Muriel MacDonald - Content Strategist - TINT

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5 Things All Marketers Must Know About User-Generated Content (UGC)

PILLARS: Influencer & Advocacy, Research & Measurement

People have been sharing stories about brands for decades. What has changed are the vehicles through which word of mouth messages travel. Today, consumer-created stories are increasingly taking the form of short-form, multimedia experiences that live across a variety of platforms. Technology-empowered consumers are creating high-quality UGC with minimal effort, and digital natives – some amassing tremendous influence and reach – are publishing more content than ever before. This webinar will outline the five things all marketers must know about the next era of UGC, real world examples of people-powered content in action and actionable best practices for implementing in your own marketing program.


  • How integrating UGC into your broader marketing programs can drive key brand metrics such as awareness, favorability and purchase intent (including new research from Crowdtap & Millward-Brown Digital)
  • How to activate your programs across the spectrum of social influence, from everyday peer creators to topical expert creators
  • Best practices for amplifying UGC across paid, earned and owned channels, with real world brand examples

Katie Perry, Director of Marketing, Crowdtap
Lindsey Plocek, Senior Manager, Strategic Relationships, Crowdtap

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Beyond Tweets & Likes: The Future of WOM

PILLARS: Influencer & Advocacy, Research & Measurement

With word of mouth marketing driving billions of dollars in sales every year, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most coveted sources of marketing. Positive word of mouth interactions can increase brand preference and exponentially drive sales when leveraged through referral marketing programs.

Learn how to harness the power of word of mouth marketing with proven best practices on how to:

  • Easily convert fans and customers into brand ambassadors
  • Turn brand ambassadors into revenue generators
  • Track, measure, and report on your WOM

Suzanne Fanning
Jeff Epstein, Founder & CEO, Ambassador

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Women 45+ and “Women Like Them”: The Best Influencers Ever?

PILLARS: Influencer & Advocacy, Research & Measurement

Women of all ages rely on word of mouth and influence to make purchasing decisions. But women 45+ rely on word of mouth from their peers more than any other group, and should be an essential part of any influencer campaign.

For a variety of reasons, biological, financial and emotional, women enter a dramatically new stage of life in their late 40s and 50s. They are excited about their future. With this next chapter, women 45+ need to find a new set of solutions/strategies for these unprecedented opportunities and challenges they face. One of the biggest challenges encountered by these vibrant women, is feeling uniformly invisible in the marketplace.

For that reason, there is no greater influence on these women than the voice of other “women like them.”

Stephen Reily, Vibrant Nation’s Founder, will share examples from his agency’s (http://vibrantnationinsights.com) research and campaigns that get have gotten women 45+ listening to each other in a way they haven’t listened to anyone else.

Topics will include:


  • How women trust their peers more as they age
  • Why women want to hear marketing messages in the real-life voices of their peers – and why they want to hear it digitally
  • How women 45+ are ready to give their loyalty to new brands


  • Major brands that have used word-of-mouth to gain influence, trial and loyalty from women 45+


  • Tools to evaluate the effectiveness of word-of-mouth marketing among women 45+

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A Marketer's Guide to the New Fatherhood

PILLARS: Influencer & Advocacy, Research & Measurement

Like father, like son? Not any longer. Family dynamics are changing drastically, not just in America but throughout the entire world, as dads embrace new responsibilities and opportunities in their roles as parents. Marketers who need to understand and reach this growing demographic are finding answers in Life of Dad, the social network for dads and primary voice of fatherhood on the Internet.

Founded in 2010, Life of Dad and its numerous social media channels is a flourishing community of dads and parents. Showcasing thousands of blogs, podcasts, and videos, the site calls itself the ultimate web destination for dads. And Life of Dad has launched highly successful promotional campaigns for such clients as Starbucks, Lee Jeans, Old Spice, Honda, and KIND Healthy Snacks, among many others.

During this webinar featuring Life of Dad co-founders Tom Riles and David Guest, you'll learn how the new face of fatherhood is bringing about sea changes – not just in dads' lives but in work-family balance, use of the Internet and technology, shopping trends, and many other aspects of life and business. They'll share an inside look at the company, review some of their campaigns, and explore what the future holds for dads in the 21st century.

Don't miss this timely opportunity to learn how to navigate the seismic shift facing fathers and the markets that serve them.

David Guest is a screenwriter, filmmaker and entrepreneur living in Los Angeles. As co-founder of Life of Dad, David has helped create the social network and entertainment destination for fathers, where hundreds of thousands of dads connect every day around the adventure of parenthood.

Along with being an entrepreneur and television writer, Tommy Riles performs audience warm-up for Ellen. As co-founder of Life of Dad, Tommy has taken a platform that first began as his own personal blog and transformed it into the top on-line destination for dads around the world.

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Learn How To Let Millennials Hack Your Brand

PILLARS: Influencer & Advocacy

Only 1% of Millennials say ads drive brand trust, and instead declare authenticity and co-creation king. So how can your brand find success amidst this shifting consumer climate? Let them hack your story!

Learn what is really going on with marketing's hottest growing audience, earn their love and gain their trust.

  • Examples of how brands are enlisting consumers to help shape and tell their story, thereby building more emotional connections and driving long-term brand health
  • Tips on how established companies can execute programs that stay ahead of consumer behavior and achieve relevance among incoming generations of consumers
  • An inside look at how New Era is inviting fans to hack its brand via user-generated content, creator partnerships, product co-creation and more.

Katie Perry – Director of Marketing, Crowdtap

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The State of Influencer Marketing - What Do Creators REALLY Think About Brands?

PILLARS: Influencer & Advocacy

Influencer marketing allows brands to reach interest-based audiences with authentic, creative messages – and while much has been written and about the topic, there hasn’t been a candid conversation that takes into account the perspective of creators themselves.

To get into the minds of today's influencers, Crowdtap surveyed 50+ influencers from its community to understand what goes into successful brand-creator partnerships. In this WOMMA Wednesday Webinar, Claudia Page, VP & Head of Creator Partnerships at Crowdtap, will reveal findings for marketers navigating the next generation of influencer marketing, which is increasingly taking place in emerging, micro-content channels.
Join this webinar to learn:

  • Why bringing audience-relevant opportunities is the number one factor for getting your pitch considered by creators – ahead of brand affinity and even compensation.
  • How to grant creators with the necessary editorial freedom for building stronger, more sustainable partnerships that generate authentic and effective content across blogs and social channels.
  • How compensation structures are changing as creators increasingly build audiences within short-form channels such as Instagram, Vine and Snapchat, and which factors play the biggest roles in determining an influencer's rate card.

Speaker: Claudia Page VP, Head of Creator Partnerships, Crowdtap

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The Ethics of Data Visualization

PILLARS: Ethics & Compliance

While charts, infographics and other visual presentations can be a compelling way to transform numbers into a narrative and introduce important data to new audiences, problematic design choices and questionable juxtapositions can also mislead viewers. Beutler Ink President William Beutler and Jon Vann Sprecher, Content Strategist, will explore the challenges designers face when working with numbers and identify best practices and ethical codes for data visualization.

William Beutler is president of Beutler Ink, a digital agency that produces visual content for Google, Oracle, Nat Geo TV, and other top brands.
Jon Vann Sprecher is a content strategist for Beutler Ink, where he has led data research and analysis for clients including the American Petroleum Institute.

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Social Data: How to truly know your brand's audience

PILLARS: Research & Measurement

The power of social data is profound. You can learn so much about your brand’s audience—and the audience that might just be one clever #hashtag or Tweet away. The smartest brands use social data to understand who is talking about them, their products, and their competitors.

You know by now that you have to pay attention to social data, but do you truly understand how to digest it, and then wield it to your advantage? What types of social data offer the most actionable insights—and where can you find them?

During this timely webinar, you’ll hear straight from experts Hari Ramachandran of Synthesio and Chris Kerns of Spredfast how to mine social data to your brand’s advantage and avoid getting lost or swamped by the mountain of insight available today, to better plan for tomorrow. Register today.

Hari Ramachandran, Senior Analyst, Synthesio
Chris Kerns, VP, Research & Insights, Spredfast

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