The Unmetric WOMMA Member Brand Report: Social Media Campaigns We Love (May 2017)

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This is a sponsored nine-part content series from Unmetric featuring social media campaigns of WOMMA members.

Even if you spend most part of every working day looking at brand posts on social media, you are never bored. There’s always some brand that dares to do something different that makes you sit up and take notice.

Here is a look at some of the outstanding things that WOMMA member brands did last month.

Top Content


Google topped the charts with their post that introduced AutoDraw:

If you remember, Google had asked people all over the world to help with this project earlier. In order to familiarize its AI with how people draw things, people were asked to draw a few common things. There could be a takeaway for brands here, as people tend to engage with content that they are already invested in.

This post received the most number of likes, comments, shares and video views among the WOMMA member brands on Facebook.


Coca-Cola killed with GIFs

The soft-drink brand witnessed great levels of engagement on Twitter with simple (sometimes psychedelic) GIFs that put their product center-stage. Take a look:


Instagram’s no sweat for Under Armour

Under Armour cruised through Instagram engagement. A large part of their success owes to the celebrity influencers they feature. Their associations with various sports teams also translates into greater enthusiasm around their social media content that features team-specific merchandise.

Who doesn’t want to step into Steve McCurry or The Rock’s shoes?

Content strategies we loved


Burger King won with humor, again. Burger King enchanted their audiences with their latest offering, the Froot Loops shake:

While some felt that this new menu item was perfectly timed around 4/20, many appreciated the dig at Starbucks’ unicorn latte.
Their April Fool’s Day prank post that advertised the Whopper toothpaste was another standout.


Social media content that addresses a pain-point faced by their audience, or offers guidance, tips etc performed well. This type of pressing content ranks high on relevance. Take a look at GoDaddy’s tweet that is all meat, no gristle:


Philip’s recipe that arrived just in time for summer was also a clear winner.


Miller Lite’s content was meme-tastic

Trends and Takeaways

GIFs are a must-try

We took a quick look at how different content types worked out for brands on Facebook and Twitter. GIFs led the pack on both networks.  This content format is perfect for creating snackable content. Just like the astounding popularity of memes, GIFs are the content format of the present generation of social media users. Brands have to play around with it and find out how it fits in with their social media content strategy.

8.4% of all Facebook Posts were promoted

Philips promoted the most. Almost three-quarters of their Facebook posts had money behind them which translated into stellar reach and engagement. The incredible engagement they received on the links they shared helped the content type feature as the second most engaging content type on Facebook.

Their promotion strategy is sound, as links do not usually perform as well organically as visual content in terms of engagement and reach. By creating extremely relevant and interesting content and supporting them with promotion, Philips aced their social media game last month.

With organic reach hitting abysmal levels, brands have to set aside some portion of their social media budgets for promotion. Consulting engagement data is a great way to see which kind of posts you should promote, in what quantity and at what time. Staying abreast of the industry trends is essential to ensure that you don’t miss out on opportunities. This can also help you formulate a strategy that can set you apart from your competition, along with a clear idea of what the audience responds to. Which brings us to the final point that requires very little by way of explanation

Measure, measure, measure

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