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This is a sponsored nine-part content series from Unmetric looking back at engaging social media campaigns.

Keeping up with what is going on in the social media sphere is no easy task. There’s a new topic or a fad that crops up every hour of every day. While some trending topics and events like April Fool’s Day are easy game for brands to engage their audience, only few brands manage to stand a cut above the rest.
Here’s a quick roundup of what some of the most engaging brands were up to on social media last month:
Social media audiences love a good laugh. These brands pulled a few epic pranks on April Fools’ Day.


Emirates got their fans dreaming of a flight with state-of-the-art features including a swimming pool. Some wondered how they would strap a seat-belt on while taking a dip only to be told that they had been taken for a ride.

Coors Light

Coor’s knows that the struggle is real. They came up with this innovative solution to end your separation anxiety when you are in the shower and not holding on to your beer.

Burger King

As one of the Fans who commented on it asked, would you like some curly fries dental floss to go with it?


If you enjoy watching Tiny Kitchen videos and prefer more things micro-sized, why say no to a micro-mac?

Papa John’s

Papa John’s went the other way. Surprisingly quite a few Facebook users fell for this. Papa John’s softened the blow by offering a coupon for two additional cups of garlic sauce with their purchase.
Have you noticed how in each of these fun examples, the product is center-stage? By using humor, these posts capture audience’s attention and arrest it around the product and the brand.
Another key theme in brand messaging on social media was product launches and updates.

Louis Vuitton

The luxury brand amazed its audience by fusing technology with classic art. The video brought paintings of Da Vinci, Van Gogh and other masters to life. It also offered a sneak-peek into what the line of merchandise would look like.


The New York International Auto Show is a busy time for auto brands on and off social media. Dodge unveiled their new Challenger, Demon ahead of the NYIAS. This was telecast live on Facebook, which boosted the reach of the video. The post was among the most shared in the auto industry last month.

Hennessey Performance

Hennessey’s Exorcist erects a powerful challenge to Dodge’s Demon. Most of the comments on this video compared these two supercars.

Samsung Mobile USA

Samsung announced that their latest smart phone, the Galaxy S8 hit the markets. Most of the comments included positive reviews from customers.

In most of these examples, the brand draws attention to the unique features of their new product or an upgrade using video content. They also win points by promptly responding to user queries and comments. This encourages more users to comment on their posts. User feedback is extremely valuable, especially around product launches and updates.

A common topic that saw good levels of engagement in the home appliances and home care industries was DIY. Brands shared recipes, tips and how-to videos. Take a look:


Social media audiences can’t get enough of Buzzfeed Tasty videos. Char-Broil leveraged this obsession and shared a video of a coffee bourbon bone-in pork roast sizzling on their grill.


There is no better way to celebrate spring setting in than with a picnic with your little ones. Zip-loc pitched an idea for a fun and healthy snack and parents loved it! Some, however suggested that they go with strawberries instead of cheery tomatoes for the caterpillar heads.


Spring is all about flowers and sadly, pollen. This paves way for allergy medicine brands like Flonase to assure their audience that they can enjoy their hobby by taking the necessary precautions.

These posts feature the product only peripherally. They win over their target audience by showing that they care. By offering ideas and tips, they establish themselves as thought leaders in their area of expertise.

Here are a couple of outstanding pieces of brand content that stood out because of their novelty:

Dum Dums

There’s nothing that spells joy as much as candy. This confectionary brand won a lot of love on social media with this effort to show their employee how much his work means to their customers. The customers had quite a few touching stories to share.

Degree Men

The deo brand grabbed eyeballs on Twitter with this stunning 360 video that featured Stephen Curry. They were able to leverage the celebrity’s star power without diverting attention away from their product.
There is no dearth of content opportunities for brands on social media. Take data-driven decisions to create failsafe content. Find out if your content will be truly unique by checking if brands in your industry have taken the same route in the past. See how audiences have responded to similar executions by brands in other industries to evaluate its success. You can do this by using Discover.


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