The Unmetric Brand Report: Social Media Campaigns We Love (June 2017)

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This is a sponsored nine-part content series from Unmetric looking back at engaging social media campaigns.

Brands faced no dearth of content opportunities in May. While some won applause with their content around holidays such as Mother’s Day, Cinco de Mayo and Memorial Day, others stole the show with their innovative strategies. Here is a roundup of how brands stole the limelight on social media:

How to win social media attention and make the most of it. Take a look at some strategies by top brands that won a lot of engagement and why they worked -


Social media is a quirky place where the absurd is very often possible. A young man’s quest to get free nuggets for a life time might sound like something out of a fairytale. But, Wendy’s won a lot of love on social media by engaging with their loyal fan. They gave him a near-impossible target of 18 million retweets. Even though Carter Wilkerson did not get that far, he managed to get the most retweets ever. He broke Ellen DeGeneres’ record. All eyes were on Wendy’s. They made the most of this opportunity by granting Carter his wish and by donating to the Dave Thomas Foundation.


While Wendy’s made use of a social media sensation that they could not have foreseen, Pepsi leveraged their association with the show Empire. The soft drink giant was integrated into the T.V show in more ways than one. A Pepsi ad featuring Jamal Lyon, one of the central characters of the series was aired during a commercial break that is part of the story arc. Apart from this, Pepsi is involved in the creation of a digital series that provides social media audiences more insight into the characters of the show etc. This culminated in the following video that figures in the story arc as Jamal’s project titled ‘When Cookie Met Lucious’:

The video got over 18 million views on Facebook alone. Pepsi, thereby, was able to tap into the followers of the T.V show while standing out with more than just a commercial.


Hyundai tapped into the power of story-telling to engage their audience. Using a video, they traced the story of Sir Ernest Shackleton who set out on an expedition to cross the Antarctic. Even though Shackleton and his crew were unable to complete their endeavour, he ensured that his crew returned safely. As a tribute to their journey, the descendants of the crew members embark on the same voyage in a Hyundai car.

This video captures the endurance of the vehicle. In addition, this effort is established as a continuation of a great legacy that smacks of the spirit of exploration, adventure etc.


Social media never gets enough of memes and pet pictures. Bissell hit the jackpot by combining the two. They invited fans to send in memes and pictures of their dog after a bath for a chance to win a Bark Bath. By adding in an interactive component, they gave a further boost to their engagement. Along with that, they were able to make pet-owners aware of the product.


The beer brand has a long-standing partnership with the MLB. By joining in on the conversation around Derek Jeter’s number retirement, they won over MLB fans. A brand participating in such displays the way fans would indicate how much the brand is invested in the sport. This helps define the brand personality.

How to Celebrate Social Media Holidays (and Your Brand)

Social media holidays are content opportunities that are easy to identify. Brands, however, face the challenge of standing out and getting social media audiences to notice their products. Here are some examples of brands that excelled at this:

Brawny Towels

Brawny Towels had replaced their iconic Brawny Man with a Brawny Woman in March, as part of their #StrengthHasNoGender campaign. Their Mother’s Day content featured the Brawny Woman as a mother. The video was shot from the perspective of a messy toddler using Snapchat Spectacles. This way, their tagline ‘Stay Giant’ was brought to life in a very refreshing and relatable manner.

Bark Box

Mother’s Day content need not be all about showing your mother gratitude. Bark Box won engagement with their video anthem that celebrated pet-owners who are mothers in their own right.

Brita USA

Brita’s quirky content got our eye. They underline the function of their key product i.e., filtering impurities out by using this graphic.

Crayola, MAC, Clorox, Nordstrom, and Arby’s

The struggle of finding the perfect gift for your mother is very real. Social media audiences highly appreciate tips from brands on this regard. These brands suggested gift and DIY ideas and tips guaranteed to brighten up Mother’s Day.

In each of these posts, the brands’ offering comes through clearly. They highlight the part their products play in this holiday, thereby giving people a pressing need for them.

Patron Tequila

The tequila brand took a similar approach to show how Cinco de Mayo celebrations are incomplete without them:

Ziploc, Reese’s, Airbnb

These brands too published recipes, DIY tips and holiday trip ideas that’ll help with Memorial Day preparations:


The essence of Memorial Day is remembering the services of those who have lost their lives for the country, as a community. This implies sharing stories of valiant soldiers, taking pride in their service and pledging to uphold their values. Prudential did just that by inviting stories from their community of fans, who obliged:


The retail giant delighted their audience with this product that seemed tailor-made for Star Wars Day


Post-it creatively used their product to come up with this post that could’ve easily passed off as something made by a Star Wars-crazed fan. Complete with quote from the movie and everything.

Planning ahead can help brands create excellent content around big holidays. For this, and real-time marketing, it is important that brands are aware of industry trends. With a weather eye on what has worked for brands in the past, brands can architect content that is sure to sweep their audience off their feet. You can use Discover to lend you a hand with that.

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