The Unmetric WOMMA Member Brand Report: 10 Social Media Campaigns We Love (Vol 2)

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This is a sponsored nine-part content series from Unmetric featuring social media campaigns of WOMMA members.

Once brands start working on their Thanksgiving campaigns, they can be sure to not rest until next year. The period between December 8th and December 28th saw some exceptional Christmas content from brands across sectors. The WOMMA member brands too had some standout performances. Let's look at some of the highlights:

1. Honda

Honda's content saw great engagement on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. During this period, they published 21 Facebook Posts, 43 Tweets and 17 Instagram Posts. They received the most engagement on Instagram, with 247,522 Likes in all.

Although the eye-catching photos and videos that they posted on Instagram that featured their various automobile models were sure winners, their CSR initiatives were the true stunners. They published two videos on Facebook and Instagram where they drew focus on the need to do spread the holiday spirit to all. Take a look at the tweet below:

Honda won over social media audiences by spreading the cheer to kids who have to spend the holidays at the hospital. Add VR to the mix and we are sold!

2. Burger King

The QSR brand means business on social media. And by business we mean food. If you don't buy that, check out these posts:

Best holiday sweater ever.

A photo posted by Burger King (@burgerking) on

But the winner was a cheeky reply to Liam Payne's tweet:

When the One Direction singer tweeted about a dream that he had about standing in a queue at a Burger King, the brand quipped with an innuendo. Tweeple did not hesitate to pitch in with their slightly NSFW replies.

The consistent and unapologetic cheekiness is worth noting.

3. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola was and still is the king of advertisements. A chunk of their social media audiences have grown up admiring their Santa ads. Some others get what a big deal Coca-Cola advertisements were from Mad Men. Either way, this short video collage of yesteryear's holiday print ads was super engaging on social media.

Several comments had people sharing memories of old Coca-Cola Santa ads.

4. Behr Paint

You would wonder what a home care brand can do to get great engagement on social media. Well, Behr has an inspiring example. By channeling a couple of tried and tested methods, they had one of the Posts with the most comments among the group:

First off, they joined forces with one of the most popular television shows - The Ellen Show. Christmas provides the perfect backdrop to frame this generous act. Just like the Honda tweet, this act of giving won applause. They further gave a boost to the engagement by adding in a sweepstakes. Fans were asked to comment with their favorite thing about the holidays. This, along with promotion, ensured that the Post received a wide Reach (over 1 million).

5. Under Armour

Under Armour has the personality of your trainer on social media. Come the holidays or the apocalypse, they push you to stay fit and hit the gym. You need only look at one of their most engaging Instagram Posts to see that:

The Rock's daunting figure will give you fitness goals to put on your New Year resolutions.

That does not mean that they are completely free of the Santa spirit either:


You can get your merry on, as long as you don't end up with a Santa belly.

6. Nissan

Nissan, even though they witnessed engagement that went through the roof, did not put the tinsel on. They did what they do best: cars.

Owning the snow this season. #OMGTR #GTR #MotivationMonday #R35 #VR 📷@virtuallyshot

A photo posted by Nissan (@nissan) on

If this stunning photo of a GTR set against the snow doesn't scream Christmas, I don't know what does! Nissan spoke to their loyal social media crowd, most of whom would totally relate to the idea that the long ride home is the best part about the holidays:

Or a spin on the 12 days of Christmas involving two GTRs.

7. Heineken

One of Heineken's most popular posts from this period was the tweet below:

This Christmas video was part of their 'There's more behind the star' campaign on social media. This ad too starred actor Benicio Del Toro, the brand spokesperson. The campaign tells the story behind the brand that we know as Heineken, through Toro's story of his stardom. Here, Toro quips that he bought his own Christmas gifts. The brand wishes that its followers also get exactly what they want this holiday season.

8. IBM

IBM had quite a few highly engaging posts. But it was their Christmas content that wowed us.

This video captures what IBM Watson thinks about Santa. It had us in splits as it appealed to the big guy that it'd been a 'very good cognitive system this year'.

IBM's tweet on their 105th birthday too was a huge success:

For a brand that is 105, it clearly is in tune with the times. If you are in doubt, check out the Youtube link in the tweet.

9. Miller Lite

The highlight of Miller Lite's most engaging Post was wordplay. In a cosy picture that included all that the holidays are about, they put their beer forefront. Almost as if it were another friend you cannot think of celebrating the holidays without:

The drove the point home with this highly engaging tweet:

10. Michelin

Michelin's most engaging Post from this period was part of their #KeepThanksMoving campaign and contest. Through this, the brand said thanks to the people who make holidays a reality. In the Post below, for instance, they show their gratitude for snow plow drivers:

This clearly spoke to the community of Michelin Fans, who responded with enthusiastic participation.

It was a hectic few weeks on social media. Such carefully thought out and beautifully executed content too has a part to play in making our holidays extra merry.


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