Reinventing Business in the Social Age

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Social media has situated itself deeply into the fabric of life. It’s related to nearly everything we do. From photo-sharing and correspondence to all things work-related, social media has become a crucial communication platform for businesses.

Therein lies the opportunity for companies to reinvent their businesses with social media command centers.
Social media command centers? The phrase sounds like a sci-fi control room on an unknown planet. But it shouldn’t be foreign or futuristic to business professionals. While the name itself signifies an official and grandiose entity, like any type of command center, at the heart of a social media one is data. Social data, to be specific.
We’re in a data age, and harnessing social data to gain insights that will directly help businesses work more efficiently, more strategically, and truly embrace social, is a main objective of the social media command center.
Who needs a social command center?
Short answer, everyone.
The information flowing through a social command center can be leveraged to inform so much more than a brand’s Twitter, Facebook, or blog activities. From the marketing department to product development, and every person and role in between, the data visualizations in social command centers offer real-time insights into what’s being said online.
Campaign tracking is a no-brainer. The marketing team and all of its communications, PR, and social media employees, is probably the department typically associated with social command centers. Whether it’s a one-person operation manning the brand’s Twitter page, or a 20-person high-tech and high-profile room in the building, a social media command center is inherently beneficial to the marketing team and/or social media team. The social data visualizations in a command center inform many detailed activities for a community manager, marketer, and PR professional. But how?

  • See a Tweet asking a customer service question? The community manager can immediately respond to it.
  • Need to present at the board meeting on the latest marketing campaign’s ROI in volume of media coverage secured? Grab the data from the social media command center visualization.
  • Need to tap into a specific demographics online conversation? Listen to them on social, analyze the data, and engage.

Social for marketing and beyond
From understanding conversations about competitors, social listening to truly understand brand reputation, and evaluating real-time opportunities, social media command centers help employees within an organization turn data into actionable insights. It’s not enough to simply listen and analyze. That is the catalyst and the informer to make smarter business decisions and drive action that benefit a business throughout the entire enterprise.
Some forward-thinking companies have already identified the value of social data in the various parts of their businesses. By becoming a socially-driven company, an organization has made the decision to be involved in the conversation about their brand, their industry, and has the great opportunity to speak directly to the public. Social media is a powerful tool, and businesses need to strategize how best to not only speak on social, but also how best to listen.
Reinventing a business through social media command centers has benefits that go behind listening to customer gripes and retweeting brand loyalists. Businesses can learn more about their products, what people like and dislike about a brand’s campaigns, logos, spokespeople, website. Anything and everything.
Product developers can make key adjustments based on unadulterated feedback on social.
The C-suite can showcase their share of voice online to stakeholders in a social media command center.
The use cases and business benefits for implementing a social media command center are endless.
Monster’s social-first business strategy
If you’ll be at the WOMMA Summit, make sure to attend the Reinventing Business with Social Command Centers talk on Tuesday, November 18 at 3:00pm in Studio B. Monster VP Matt Anchin and I will be revealing many more details as we deliver a joint case study on how social command centers are reinventing business. We’ll discuss:

  • Visualizing the impact of campaigns, sentiment, and reach
  • Learning new ways to improve business practices and how to do social every day
  • Finding engagement opportunities with customers
  • Capabilities of real-time marketing via social command centers

For a closer look at the Brandwatch social media command center platform, take a tour of Vizia here.

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