New Member Spotlight: SOME Center for Employment Training

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SOME (So Others Might Eat) is an interfaith, community-based organization based in Washington D.C. that exists to help the poor and homeless. SOME Center for Employment Training (CET) is the District’s most comprehensive job training program for poor and homeless adults.

We recently spoke with with Emily Price, Director of CET, and Maria James, Marketing & Communications Coordinator.

Emily Price

Maria James

Can you tell us a little more about your organization?

SOME’s mission has always been two-fold: to meet the basic needs of those we serve while simultaneously helping them move out of poverty and establish dignified, independent lives. By providing formerly homeless and extremely low-income adults with the skills training necessary to access sustainable, living-wage employment, SOME Center for Employment Training (CET) plays a central role in fulfilling this mission. SOME CET is the District’s most comprehensive job training program for poor and homeless adults. Our comprehensive program model holistically addresses all of the competencies, abilities and behaviors that are integral to long-term professional success --including technical skills training, basic education, job readiness instruction and career development services. SOME CET provides training to prepare individuals for careers as Medical Administrative Assistants and Building Maintenance Service Technicians. Students earn occupational credentials and certifications.

What three adjectives best describe your organization?

I would describe our organization using three words:

  • Dedicated – Every day we renew our dedication to our mission, which is to “empower people out of homelessness and poverty and into living wage careers through hard and soft skills training, adult basic education and career development.”
  • Diligent – We understand that everyone – from the instructors to the marketing team – are interconnected and the actions of one impact us all. Therefore, we take great care in everything we do to ensure we provide a quality experience in our program.
  • Transformative: At SOME CET, we not only prepare our students to be able to compete in the workplace, we also equip them with skills that transform their lives and the lives of their families.
If your marketing team could be on any magazine cover, what magazine would it be and what would the headline say?

Of course we would share the cover with Ms. Oprah Winfrey. Since my department consists of three people, the headline would say, “Trio launch effort to empower DC’s homeless community.” Afterall, who wouldn’t want to be in Oprah’s presence for just a day?

What do you most want to achieve through your membership in WOMMA?

SOME Center for Employment Training is preparing to relocate to our newlstey designed 320,000 square foot building in Northeast DC. This state-of-the art facility will be the first in Washington, DC to provide job training, medical treatment and affordable housing all under one roof. Thanks to this wonderful expansion, we are preparing to increase enrollment from 180 to 300 students in a year. Through research, we recognize that word of mouth marketing is the biggest driver to increase enrollment and we are hoping to join the conversation on the latest trends and best practices in the field.  We're also looking forward to being an active contributor on the WOMMA Influencer & Advocacy Marketing Council.

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