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Spike JonesGreetings and Happy New Year from Austin, TX!

I’m the new kid – well, the new kid assuming the role of Chair for WOMMA. I’ve actually been involved in this amazing organization since its inception. And I couldn’t be more thrilled at what’s in store for 2017.

My, oh my, how we’ve changed over the years. After all, the only constant is change. But one thing that hasn’t changed is how word of mouth has stayed at the center of marketing. We get new tools in the WOM toolbox on a rapidly changing basis, but we can never forget that at the root of it all are one-to-one recommendations. And that’s why WOMMA exists – to bring together the best in breed across industries and disciplines to learn, teach and grow.

Building on the pillars of Ethics, Measurement and Influence/Advocacy, we’re poised for another great year. The TALK tour, sponsored by Lithium, is back (and coming to a city near you – like Austin), as well as TALK 360° | The WOMMA Summit in NYC this April. But all of it points to keeping the main thing the main thing – which is my first challenge to you.

The others? To share your brain. You have industry leading-knowledge. So share it. You know others that would benefit from knowing WOMMA. So invite them. You want to help shape the future of this space. So become a member and get involved in one of our committees. You’ve accomplished great things. Submit your campaigns for a WOMMY Award . In other words, we all win when big brains come together.

But this note is already long enough. You’ll hear a lot more from me, the WOMMA staff and Board this year – we want to hear from you, too. And we can’t wait.

Let’s get to it.


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