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Why should your organization join WOMMA?

Marketers who fail to harness the power of word of mouth (WOM) aren’t just missing opportunities – they’re giving up control of their brand messages.

WOMMA, the premier trade association dedicated to online and offline word of mouth marketing, fills your marketing toolkit with the information, perspectives, training, innovations, and connections you need to maximize your marketing efforts and make your brand soar.


Membership in WOMMA provides your employees with access to:

  • The inside track on the latest WOMM news, knowledge, technology, and best practices.

  • Proprietary research insights before they’re released to the public.

  • Interactive, live events and professional development opportunities.

  • Networking with peers and potential partners, advisors, and clients through thriving online and offline communities.

  • Essentials of WOMM ethics and advocacy for the WOMM industry with influencers and lawmakers.

WOMMA Membership Options

Explore WOMMA’S different membership levels and the benefits of each.

Unleash the Power Of Word Of Mouth Marketing! Put WOMMA Membership To Work For Your Brand.

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Renewing Members
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