The Social Marketers Axis of Evil (Part 3): Distrust

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This is a three-part guest post by Shawn M. Miller, CXO at Smync and Author of The New Face of Your Brand: Social Brand Advocacy grows Business with Customer Community and Co-Created Marketing.

According to the latest research, American consumers believe that marketers act with integrity, a mere 4% of the time and trust advertising only 1% of the time. Here’s the paradox: You’re dying to have your content deemed sharable by your customers, but they don’t perceive your brand as a trusted source, so they won’t share with people they feel are depending on them.

It would risk their own social standing and personal brand growth! Bryan Kramer’s Shareability Quotient says that the likelihood of a share must be greater than or equal to the perceived reputation of the content’s source.

For them to want to share your stuff, they need to trust you and identify with the content you’re producing, period.

However, more than 9 in 10 indicate that the recommendations of friends are the most trusted source of information about purchase decisions.

Therein lies the trust you are seeking. And nearly 90% of all B2B purchases are begun with a personal referral. This isn’t a B2C or B2B thing, it is a human thing. Conveniently, 74% of Millennials report feeling that it is their duty to help their friends and family make better buying decisions.

In order to benefit from that massive trend, as brands we must create scenarios in which we warmly invite people into engaged relationships with us. The empowered buyers of today demand a new level of customer access and connection.

“94% carefully consider how the information they Share will be useful to the recipient” - Consumer Insight Group study

Humans are designed for tribes and codependence, that’s where we thrive and function our best. It is where we let our guard down and connect.

By practicing the actions of bringing together your company and your customers you will create an interdependent culture of connection which will fuel this highly effective and infinitely sustainable funnel of community in context around the problem that you solve.

Your actual results in defeating the Axis of Evil with Brand Advocacy will be difficult to precisely predict without knowing your specific business. Trends indicate that the higher the price and more exclusive the product, the greater the impact Brand Advocacy will make.

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We hope you enjoyed this adapted excerpt from The New Face of Your Brand: Social Brand Advocacy grows Business with Customer Community and Co-Created Marketing, by Shawn M. Miller, CXO at Smync. For more information about social word-of-mouth-marketing and brand advocacy, please visit

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Shawn M. Miller is an Entrepreneur, Investor and Advisor with over 20 years of international business experience specializing in marketing, customer service and training. As Chief Experience Officer at Smync; Shawn is leading development of User Experience on both the brand and the customer side of Smync hosted Social Brand Advocate Communities. Connect with Shawn on LinkedIn, on Twitter @ShawnMMiller, or on Snapchat (theshawnmmiller).

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