Goldilocks and Social Media – Too Much, Too Little and Just Right

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Interview with Marsha Everton, Principal, The AIMsights Group

Tell me more about the title of your panel’s presentation.  What does Goldilocks have to do with social media?

WOMMA brought together AIMsights, the Fluent Group and Current – three research and marketing organizations that are passionate about the word-of-mouth marketing opportunity of social media.  As we brainstormed and shared our research with each other, we discovered that we were living a modern day version of the Goldilocks fairy tale – with insights into marketing strategies that use too little or too much social media and strategies that can help marketers get it “just right”.

So what is the “too little” part?

AIMsights research confirms that marketers often fail to understand and embrace the potential of social media in marketing to Baby Boomers, especially the ones who are over 60 years old.  About 2/3 of these Boomers are open to learning and using new technology.  Not only are many of them active on social media -- they also engage with and influence the purchase decisions of Millennials.  Of course, the Millennials also influence the purchase decisions of these Baby Boomers.  The old learning model of “old teaches young” has been replaced by two-way learning between generations.

What about the “too much”? 

Current is conducting groundbreaking research on the new anti-social mom.  There is a clear backlash that needs to be considered in smart marketing strategies to reach America’s most powerful consumer.  Amy Colton will be sharing totally new research findings and recommendations.

So how do we get the social media “just right”?

Darren Ross will be sharing Fluent Group’s PURLS of wisdom for connecting with the “share-minded” Millennials to create brand advocacy.  When you get it “just right”, you do more than create short-term sales.  You create brand advocates who drive word-of-mouth and continue to influence wider circles with long-term revenue potential.
AIMsights will also be sharing insights into our M@B Blueprint, a template for evaluating the intergenerational dynamics between Millennials and Boomers and how to tap into their communication and influence patterns.  Of course, the big intergenerational driver is word-of-mouth!!  - And social media is one of the most exciting new dimensions to word-of-mouth communication and marketing!

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