Every Brand Has a Story to Tell

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What is your brands story? Not sure? If your target audience were to think about your brand, what imagery or message would come to mind? Oh - algorithms and search saturation have killed your engagements? My friend you are not alone.

Traditional marketing is a thing of the past and being on social isn’t good enough anymore. Sponsored Social, or more commonly known as Influencer Marketing is now widely used as longer-lived online display advertising among clients and agency marketers. With traditional engagements on brands social media accounts, such as likes and follows declining, Influencer Marketing is regarded as more effective than many traditional marketing strategies.

As Content Marketing and Influencer Marketing continues to aggressively increase year-over-year, you may be wondering how this type of marketing is different. The difference is the delivery and voice. By using key influencers (thought leaders in your target audience) to deliver your message to their personal communities. Traditional marketing, on the other hand, tends to have a broader message and is more difficult to reach a specific audience in an authentic manner. Influencer Marketing and Content Marketing go hand-in-hand in terms of authentically reaching a specific audience and driving sales through brand stewards - or influencers. Content marketing is the process of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to captivate, procure, and engage a specific target audiences.

So where do you go to learn more and interact with these influencers? Or, how do you take advantage of this market to gain competitive advantage in your industry - immediately?


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