Be Everywhere Customers Expect You to Be

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Charlene Li (Altimeter Group) and Ben Elowitz (Wetpaint) just released an interesting paper linking financial success with social media engagement. Their findings reveal, “… the most valuable brands in the world are experiencing a direct correlation between top financial performance and deep social engagement.

Don’t Tell. Do Ask.

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More chatter is happening regarding the Federal Trade Commission’s forthcoming guidelines on endorsements and testimonials in online marketing. It’s not an easy topic for us marketers to understand.

Word of Mouth is the Original Social Media

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The term “Social Media” is sexy. Twitter. Facebook. Blogs. All sexy in today’s marketing world where people are sharing opinions, insights, experiences, and perspectives with each other online.

A simple Google Trends search shows how much sexier a term “Social Media” has become compared to “Word of Mouth.” In early 2007, “social media” overtook “word of mouth” in online search activity.


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I’m starting a new series on the ALL THINGS WOM blog. Over the next couple months, I’ll be sharing bite-size lessons on key ideals that make word-of-mouth marketing more effective and ethical. It’s being called WOM TRUTHS.

This WOM TRUTHS series is somewhat inspired by NPR’s “This I Believe” essay series, which was based on a radio program hosted by Edward R.

WOM at Work

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In 2005, Seth Godin wrote the FREE PRIZE INSIDE. It’s essentially a guidebook for creating remarkable products and services. As marketers we know when remarkable things get remarked about … word of mouth happens..

This 2-minute video ditty shares two word-of-mouth worthy free prizes I experienced while staying at the Hotel Burnham in Chicago.

Boring Brands and Borrowed Relevance

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Beloved brands have it easier with word of mouth. Why? Brands that are beloved by people get discussed freely and widely. Apple, Whole Foods, Starbucks, Twitter, and many other brands get talked about because there is something intrinsically interesting about them.

How Honest Marketers Should Behave

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As the leading voice for ethical and effective word-of-mouth marketing, WOMMA has always taken a strong stance against SHILLING. Paying cash to people to talk about, blog about, tweet about a product without disclosing they are being paid to do such is SHILLING.

People Trust People Like Themselves

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Josh Bernoff adds more to the discussion of “Sponsored Conversations” in this worthy-read Ad Age piece.

He readily admits it’s a controversial topic for brands to compensate bloggers for sharing their honest opinions about a company’s products/services.