Case Study: How Weight Watchers is Putting People at the Heart of its Marketing

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This is a sneak-preview of the Weight Watchers case study presentation that will be shared at the upcoming WOMMA Summit on Wednesday, Nov. 19 at 9:00 a.m. (Studio A). Join Weight Watchers and Crowdtap in Hollywood for even more insights.
For over 50 years, Weight Watchers has been a brand that’s built around its community and the unique experiences of its members. Today, member stories have the power to be broadcast and shared with friends across social media. In this case study, you’ll learn how Weight Watchers is teaming up with Crowdtap to inspire members to share their stories and help make living a healthy lifestyle more accessible to more people.
In a quest to make health goals more relatable for everyday people, Weight Watchers is putting real people’s stories at the heart of their marketing. The brand is achieving this through a partnership with Crowdtap, a platform that makes it easy for brands to collaborate with consumers at all stages of marketing: from ideation and validation to content creation and distribution.
Here are just some of the ways Weight Watchers is using real people and their stories to power its marketing efforts (you can catch the full case study at this year’s WOMMA Summit):

  • Leveraging influential bloggers to drive buzz around new products
  • Amplifying the Weight Watchers mission through first-person stories
  • Driving message distribution through real people
  • Collaborating with consumers on content ideation

Empowered by access to more information and a means by which to broadcast their opinions, consumers are flipping the traditional marketing model on its head. Brands that put the consumer voice at the center of their marketing – from ideation to content creation and distribution – will discover the way back inside the hearts and minds of their consumers, creating authentic relationships and driving advocacy along the way.
Join Weight Watchers and Crowdtap at WOMMA Summit 2014 to learn more.

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