5 Marketing Must-Reads and Must-Plays This Month

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WOMMA's water cooler talk takes place on messenger or in the few minutes before a conference call starts. Most often that fire is lit by a "Hey, have you seen this?" This week, we're ignited by two podcasts and three reads that we couldn't wait to discuss with each other and share with you. Press play or click to read more for trending marketing topics, new ideas and insights that might inspire a nod of agreement or something much bigger!
How to build relationships and success when you're an introvert in business, with interviews and insights by digital marketer Morra Aarons-Mele, of cause marketing agency Women Online.




call-to-action-podcastCall to Action podcast (Unbounce)

A digital marketing weekly podcast with industry interviews on both converting and delighting your customers and audience.



How Arnold Palmer Changed the Game of Sports Marketing (BBC)

"Before then sportsmen made all their money from hitting a ball in a sporting arena": A tribute to The King, on the course and as one of the earliest sports influencers.



people icons with colorful dialog speech bubblesThe Pyschology of Word of Mouth Marketing (eMarketer)

Author and professor Jonah Berger breaks down how the study of psychology can make campaign messaging more contagious. What you already know: "Most word-of-mouth is actually offline." What might make you think: "If we don’t understand the psychology of the customer, it’s hard to use all of that data effectively. The data by itself is just data."


App Store Icon On Apple Deivice ScreenBuilding an App Community with Influencer Marketing (Ad Age)

How Viber mixed traditional tactics with influencer campaigns to compete against messaging giants and build a user base of 750 million in just five years.



What else should we be reading, listening to or watching? Share your must-discuss picks for an upcoming 5 Things in the comments here.

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